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Tell PepsiCo and Associated British Food to make sure their sugar doesn't lead to land grabs.

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Big companies like PepsiCo and Associated British Foods (ABF) buy and produce huge amounts of sugar around the world. And as global demand for sugar increases, so does the rush for land to grow it on.

In Brazil and Cambodia, Oxfam found that companies that supply sugar to Pepsi have robbed farmers of their rights and kicked them off their land. ABF—the biggest sugar producer in Africa—is reported as linked to a range of other unresolved land disputes. Whole communities have lost their main source of food and income.

Together, we pushed Coca-Cola to commit to do more to respect communities’ land rights throughout their supply chain—now it's time for Pepsi and ABF to do the same.

Stand with farmers and act now: Tell Pepsi and ABF to make sure their sugar doesn't lead to land grabs.

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