What do Coke commitments mean for communities

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  1. "I was the rabbit" Advocate, Ben of @OxfamCorpsSEA, for #behindthebrands
  2. @michaelpollan @CivilEats @chriscmooney last @KelloggCompany & @GeneralMills made commitments thanks to @Oxfam #BehindtheBrands
  3. Love? Cornflakes, hate @kelloggcompany's lack of policies on women #BehindTheBrands #Kelloggs http://t.co/oK4PShtDkc
  4. Ich finde das richtig beängstigend: http://t.co/40dqpm0rRG #BehindtheBrands http://t.co/R6GwzWdNWN
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