Women and Chocolate

Mars, Mondelez, and Nestlé buy more than 30% of the cocoa grown worldwide. But throughout their supply chains women are getting a raw deal. Oxfam launched this Behind the Brands action in February 2013. In March, Mars and Nestle showed they have listened to your concerns and made commitments, but Mondelez lags behind.

You can change that

It’s time for Mondelez to get with the pace and Look, Listen & Act for women cocoa farmers and their families.

They need to:

  1. Look

    at the way women are treated right throughout their supply chains.

  2. Listen

    to what women have to say about how they are treated.

  3. Act

    by putting policies in place to protect women’s rights and support and nurture their skills

Sign the petition

Tell Mondelez that the women who grow and pick cocoa deserve better. Two of the ‘Big 3’ chocolate companies, Nestlé and Mars, have already responded to this action.

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