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3 Minutes Is All You Need to Make The Right Call

Listen: we need your help.

General Mills just committed to setting targets to reduce emissions, participate in real climate advocacy, and become a true climate leader. And we have you to thank!

But on July 31st, Kellogg will be talking to investors specifically about their future profitability.  While they do that, let’s make sure they get the message that they must cut their emissions now.

Can you spare 3 minutes to call Kellogg? Click here for all the tools you’ll need.

Time is running out for farmers like Eric Pyne in Liberia. He and other farmers around the world are going hungry because of climate change – and it’s only going to get worse.

The weather is increasingly unpredictable, making it difficult to plan which crops to plant and the time of year to plant them.

It’s happening everywhere not just in Liberia or parts of Asia, but right in our backyards. There are higher frequencies of droughts, hurricanes, and other storms. Every time you turn on the news, you hear about recent flooding, or record breaking winters and summers – we’re all feeling the consequences, but people living in poverty are hit first and worst.

Climate change is the secret ingredient in our favorite brands like Frosted Flakes and Pringles. About a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions come from the food and beverage sector. It’s time for industry leaderKellogg to act – but they won’t unless they hear from people like you and me. Can you make a call today?

Kellogg can do more to cut the greenhouse gas emissions across their supply chains – but they will only act if people like us, who buy their products, call on them to change. They need to know that we love their tasty treats but we care about the health of our planet too.

Together we can flood the customer service lines of Kellogg and demand that they help farmers like Eric. Please make the call! It’s easy and just takes a couple of minutes. 

Click here – we’ve listed the phone numbers, along with some suggested talking points and tips.

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