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Checking Facebook or Twitter today…?

Checking Facebook or Twitter today? It’s World Environment Day and we’ve got a great chance for you to use your social media power to call on Kellogg and General Mills.

It’s World Environment Day, but I doubt Kellogg and General Mills are paying much attention. When it comes to climate change they are anything but clean. They do business with companies that burn down forests to clear land, and use polluting fertilizers. The pollution these practices generate drives climate change – and worsens droughts, floods and natural disasters – meaning families around the world are left hungry and homeless. The companies behind some of our favorite brands claim to be reducing their emissions, but don’t have targets to reduce them, and don’t even measure or fully disclose their emissions or tackle their supply chains.

Make some noise

We need you to help get the message to Kellogg and General Mills and some of their biggest brands. Get posting on their Facebook walls and Twitter feeds, asking them to stop feeding climate change:

  1. Pick a brand (or three!)
  2. Hit the buttons below to tweet at the brands. Ever better, tell them on Facebook: copy the message below, hit the Facebook button, and paste the message on the brand’s wall.
  3. Powerful brands’ Facebook and Twitter feeds will be covered in messages from around the world telling them to flight climate change. And Kellogg and General Mills will have to listen – because you buy what they sell.

Hey – I was shocked to find out that you’re driving climate change. It’s making farmers around the world hungry and homeless. Please cut your emissions now!

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Top tips

  • Target as many companies as you can – the more, the better!
  • When you post, @tag some friends so they can take part too.
  • Please keep things polite – rude messages are likely to be ignored.

In honor of World Environment Day, isn’t it time we tell Kellogg and General Mills to step up to the plate? After all with only have one shot with this planet and we should all do our part in treating her right. By 2050 around the world 50 million additional people risk going hungry because of climate change, and these companies can lead the way to a brighter climate future.

Will it work?

Yes, we know it works: when supporters like you get in touch, companies listen! Last year companies took notice of our social media action on land grabs, and several reached out to discuss their policies. And over the course of our campaign we have seen companies change their policies, all thanks to you! You spoke and companies acted for women farmers; you spoke and companies acted on land grabs. Speak now and Kellogg and General Mills will act on climate change!

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