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Coca Cola Company Feedback

Coca Cola Response

A spokeswoman for Coca-Cola said: “We are aware of Oxfam’s Food and Beverage Scorecard and our ranking.

“The Coca-Cola Company is committed to implementing practices throughout our supply chain that advance our sustainable agriculture strategy and support our commitment to build more sustainable communities.

“We believe in creating economic opportunities as well as stewarding water and other natural resources within the more than 200 countries in which we operate.

“As part of The Coca-Cola Company’s commitment to transparent, more sustainable and responsible business practices, we welcome a continuous dialogue with Oxfam that enables us to identify and address global challenges collaboratively.”


Oxfam’s reaction

It is good to hear Coca Cola reiterating its commitment to sustainability and economic opportunity for women and smallholder farmers. But the company scores poorly on farmers as well as on land, and has a long way to go with most of its social and environmental policies.  Coca Cola must go beyond just re-stating commitments, and take concrete action to improve its policies.

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