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Forget gold, General Mills is going for green

Last summer, Behind the Brands supporters got General Mills to commit to improving their climate policies and this week they have taken the first step towards carrying out those promises!

On Sunday, the breakfast giant released its climate goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 28% and to work with its suppliers to find ways for them reduce their carbon footprints.

In case you forgot, together we made this happen. Last August, more than 230,000 of us rallied together and demanded that General Mills reduce its impact on climate change. We spoke, it listened and here are a few of the Oxfam team’s favorite moments to celebrate:

Oxfam campaigners protest outside the New York Stock Exchange:

Oxfam volunteer getting sign ups at the Lowlands Festival in Holland:

Oxfam volunteer Mercy Bell at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee, USA. When all was said and done, she and her team had gathered 4,375 signatures for Oxfam’s petition calling on General Mills and Kellogg to reduce their carbon emissions.


Campaigning at Westport Festival, Ireland:

This is the first step of many but General Mills still has a lot of work to do. Oxfam is now working with an evaluator to find out if General Mills’ latest commitment is enough to truly contribute to preventing the increase of 2°C in global temperatures, which scientists say is crucial in order to tackle the climate crisis.

Oxfam is pleased General Mills has made the right moves but it wouldn’t have done it without support from you – so thank you! Oxfam is looking forward to working with General Mills more closely on this and hopes to see others follow suit. We will be watching to see which of the other top ten food companies cuts their emissions next — stay tuned!

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