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Kellogg’s response

“Kellogg’s is committed to working more closely with the farmers who grow our grains to drive improvements in sustainability and we have a zero tolerance policy against forced labour. Clearly the ratings in the Oxfam report show us we need do more and we will be reviewing them in detail.”

Kellogg’s has recalled that, in many of these areas, the company has programs in place: “In one we’re more advanced and some less, but they are all part of our policy of corporate social responsibility (CSR)”. 

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Oxfam’s reaction

Oxfam welcomes Kellogg’s commitment to do more to improve their policies. While there are some areas of good practice, as noted by the company, Kellogg’s comes joint 8th out of 10 companies in our scorecard with weak policies in almost all areas. We will be particularly looking to Kellogg for rapid action in the areas of both land and farmers, where the company received the lowest possible score of 1.

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