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Thank you we are out there making a difference

Phew, it’s been a busy International Women’s Day and a very inspiring one.

Today has seen more than 1200 people send tweets and Facebook posts all together in a huge Thunderclap to support our action telling Mars, Mondelez International and Nestle to stop putting women last in their cocoa supply chains.

More than 5,000 people have signed the petition today and many more are joining them every hour.  We might just meet our current target of 20,000 actions by the end of the day.  Amazing.  (Edit, 18.09GMT – the response has been so great we’ve updated the target, we’re now pushing for 30,000 – even more pressure, even more amazing.)

We’ve also seen campaigners at M&Ms World in New York, and outside the American HQs of Nestle and Mondelez International.  Follow @OxfamAmerica for pictures and updates.

There are already encouraging signs that all your hard work and support is beginning to work.  Just 10 days after launching Behind the Brands Nestle has written a public letter committing to explore ways to improve their approach to women in their supply chain. We’ll be watching this closely and updating you on further progress.  Read the Nestle letter and our response here.

There will be more updates next week.  Thanks for your incredible support and please do share the campaign as widely as you can – this is just the beginning.

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