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Today Kellogg Stepped Up to Tackle Climate Change

Kellogg has announced it is stepping up to address climate change in a very big way. It has committed to reduce harmful emissions across both its supply chain and operations, and help smallholder farmers adapt and push for real advocacy across the private sector and government. Thanks to your voice, and those of 238,000 other consumers, Kellogg is doing the right thing.

This is a swift response and it is due to the Behind the Brands supporters who stepped up to take action.

Specifically, Kellogg has agreed to:

  1. Define and disclose total supply chain GHG reduction targets, including agricultural emissions by December 2015.
  2. Require key suppliers to measure and publically disclose their emissions and reduction targets.
  3. Create a climate adaptation strategy that incorporates the needs of smallholder farmers by December 2015.
  4. Achieve zero net deforestation for soy, palm oil and timber by 2020.
  5. Deeply engage peers and other industry sector leaders to take action on climate change.
  6. Join the industry and government initiative Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) to push forward climate legislation in the USA.
  7. Disclose its top three suppliers of palm oil, soy and sugar cane – which are key drivers of deforestation and land use change.
  8. Participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project, including via annual reporting on Scope 3 emissions data and by responding to the Forests Information Request.
  9. Regularly review company statements and policies to ensure they are aligned with mitigation targets, plans, and adaptation initiatives.
  10. Include climate and deforestation policies in its Supplier Code of Conduct and supplier expectations.
  11. Address issues raised by Oxfam and its partners about its palm oil suppliers in Indonesia and Liberia.

You can read how Kellogg intends to deliver on these promises over the next few years in our climate roadmap.

Kellogg did the right thing for millions of farmers worldwide who are coping with the effects of erratic weather caused by climate change. Now we can all feel better about sitting down to a bowl of Cornflakes or Special K knowing that Kellogg is helping to stop climate change from making people hungry.

In addition to the speed of these back to back campaign wins on climate change, we’re also making progress protecting farmers worldwide from land grabs: Nestle recently announced a policy of zero tolerance for land grabs.

And we aren’t done yet! We’ll continue to push the Big 10 to make sure that the way they do business is good for people and the planet. But for now, we say thank you and onward!

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