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Who’s Behind Your Brands?

Who runs the most powerful food companies in the world? How many people does it take to put Tony the Tiger on your supermarket shelf? Which country has the most company headquarters? Do you know your Green Giant from your Lucky the Leprechaun?

Take the Behind the Brands quiz below to find out how well you know your favourite brands and win some prizes!

Play the quiz in a separate window

Play as many times as you like and keep adding to your score – the top player will win a set of Behind the Brands goodies! (We will choose a winner on December 22, 2015)

Behind the Brands supporters have successfully made some of the world’s biggest food companies improve their policies on gender, land grabs and climate change. Getting to know these companies better means we can hold them to account and make better choices as consumers.

Take the quiz today and see how much you know. Proud of your score? Share the quiz with your friends by clicking the share buttons on the right.

Good luck and game on!

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