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What to say: 

  • As someone who buys your products, I was shocked to learn from Oxfam’s Behind the Brands campaign that your company performs badly when it comes to responding to climate change.

  • Please improve the way you grow your ingredients and please tell your suppliers to do the same, so that I know you’re not fuelling climate change.

  • Climate change is the biggest threat to winning the fight against hunger and I don’t want the company whose food I buy to be making others go hungry.

  • Thank you for passing on my concerns.

What to say when they respond:

“We are already doing a lot on climate change and I can share with you our 7 point official response to Oxfam’s campaign.”

Oxfam say that your response from over a month ago did not address their concerns. I understand you have some targets and initiatives related to climate change but there are still big gaps. As one of your customers I urge you to take real action now.

"Oxfam has its facts wrong.”

Oxfam’s analysis has been well received worldwide and so I disagree with you. I hope you will engage Oxfam constructively on these issues.

“We cannot address climate change or agricultural sourcing issues alone and are working with other groups like these…”

I agree that joint action is important but every company must do its part as well. It’s time you take proper action.

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I just called @KelloggCompany to say stop feeding climate change + making people hungry! Join me & add pressure!

@idogcow tweeted:

RT @OxfamAmerica: Thank you Richard Oswald and @change supporters: you helped make @GeneralMills' new climate commitments a reality! #Behin...2hrs ago

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#BehindtheBrands supporters got @GeneralMills to act on climate change. Let's call @KelloggCompany so they do too! ...3hrs ago

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#BehindtheBrands supporters got @GeneralMills to act on climate change. Let's call @KelloggCompany so they do too! ...3hrs ago

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