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Are General Mills and Kellogg silent accomplices to a warming planet?

It’s been an exciting week for the Behind the Brands team. After lots of long days and late nights we finally launched our new climate campaign on Tuesday, with Oxfam activists taking part in stunts and supporters around the world sending messages to Kellogg and General Mills!

Within 24 hours we received our first public responses from General Mills and Kellogg.

The truth behind these companies is hard to swallow. Climate change is the single biggest threat to winning the fight against hunger – yet food companies like General Mills and Kellogg are making climate change worse because of the emissions from their supply chains.  We called on two of the world’s most powerful food companies to step up and do more. Clearly so did you!  After 3 days almost 22,000 of us had written to the companies asking them to do more.

Join us and take action: Tell Kellogg and General Mills to stop climate change making people hungry

So how have companies responded?

General Mills wrote a blog post on their website.They told us they are already doing some good work on climate. Kellogg told us through the media that they too have long been committed to doing what’s right for the environment and society.

What’s really happening?

Both companies are doing some good work – but not nearly enough! We need more than PR statements and an ad hoc collection of recycled policies. Instead, we need to see them stepping up with a substantial effort to embrace the commitments we’ve asked for – to measure and publish the emissions from their supply chains, set clear, proper targets for cutting them, and to step up their advocacy to other companies and governments to do the same. We need them to show that they’re ready to address climate change head-on.

Both companies have some target to cover reducing a small part of their emissions. But they fail to apply them to the biggest portion of their emissions, specifically those from their ingredients.

We’re fed up, we need more!

Both companies have taken valuable steps but you can’t change what you don’t measure. Instead we need a systematic focus on company-wide supply chain commitments that require suppliers to actually reduce their emissions. Kellogg and General Mills need to plug the gaps and address the multiple weaknesses in their current policies. We’re fed up, we need to see more!

Join the tens of thousands of Oxfam supporters who are fed up with climate change: tell Kellogg and General Mills to stop climate change making people hungry!

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